Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Contradictory Rhetoric

As much as I am a proponent of small government and leaving people the hell alone, I must confess: I love Michelle Malkin.

She scares the shit out of people on both sides of the political spectrum, and we could frankly use a little more of that. The strong-minded ones always keep things interesting!

She might be crazy, but I strongly suspect she is one of the few people who is willing to address the problems most people in the media are willing to gloss over. True, she has made many an unpleasant-sounding statement, but that's what happens when you address the elephant in the room. People don't like being reminded that there are two sides to every story, and that is exactly what Miichelle does. She smacks people upside the head with reality, and I can't help but love her for that.

Plus, she's hot. I mean, like, smokin' hot. Seriously.

Having said that: Here's to you, Michelle Malkin!

Salaam Aleykum, Bitches!


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